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July 19, 1994 No. 75

Wang 2236DE/DW Terminal Support Under AIX on the IBM RS/6000

Niakwa is pleased to announce that we have successfully confirmed the support of the DigiCHANNEL C/X Multi-terminal controller system with Wang 2236 DE/DW terminals on the IBM RS/6000 with NPL (refer to TN #47).

DigiBoard has successfully added support for the Wang 2236 DE/DW terminals through the implementation of a new option in their drivers which IBM has incorporated into AIX Revision 3.2.5. For this support, 2200flow must be enabled when configuring 2236 terminals for operation -- refer to the "Setting Terminal Options" chapter in the DigiBoard Software Installation and Operation Manual for detailed instructions.

All terminal features discussed in Appendix D of the NPL Programmer's Guide appear to operate as documented with the following exceptions:

  1. Terminal flow control settings should be set to 19200 baud or lower and data settings should match that on the port.
  2. The default stty value '^@' of the "swtch" and "susp" parameters must be remapped since ^@, HEX(00), is the value generated by FN 0 on a 2236 terminal. A keyboard sequence that the Wang 2236 keyboard can't generate is recommended due to effects on the use of SF keys for other Wang 2236 generated key sequences. For example:

    stty swtch '^\\' susp '^\\'

  3. The Wang 2236 HALT key is supported with 2200flow but not with the default system settings. We have confirmed that the entry:

    stty intr '^S' stop '^C'

    works as an alternative. In addition, the HELP key can be used to halt a program by selecting the RESET option once the Help Screen appears.

    Shift+SF'1 may also cause the system to halt once the above has been set.

  4. A new NPL Wang keyboard file is necessary for proper operation. Please contact Niakwa for more information on obtaining.
  5. New NPL executables are also required. Please contact Niakwa for more information on obtaining.

Requirements for Wang 2236DE/DW terminal support is this environment include:

  • AIX Revision 3.2.5
  • DigiBOARD Adapter
  • DigiCHANNEL C/X Multi-terminal controller (box)

NOTE: Competitive boards from IBM and CHASE also claim to offer support for the Wang 2236DE/DW terminals on the RS/6000, but to date have not been tested by Niakwa.

  • Configuration of SMIT is as follows:
    • Terminal type: Dumb
    • Flow control: XON/XOFF
    • 2200flow: Enabled
    • 2200print: Enabled

Contact a DigiBoard dealer for ordering and pricing information.

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