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July 19, 1994 No. 77

VLM Extended Printer Support

Novell Netware 4.0x has extended the CAPTURE command giving any workstation the ability to redirect print output to a choice of 9 different printers. To take advantage of this extended printer support, workstations must be using Novell's VLM drivers and the following line must be entered in the NET.CFG file used by the VLM.EXE at startup.


In addition, workstations running under MS-Windows and using the Windows Print Manager require a modification to the [ports] section of the WIN.INI file to enable windows to address the additional logical LPTx ports (i.e., add an LPTx: line for each new captured printer port). Once extended printer support has been enabled, NPL will work with printers up to LPT9.

Our testing of this extended feature has verified that it works well with one minor exception. $OPTIONS byte 48, HEX(02) bit, should cause the spooled file to be "cut" and submitted to the print queue by a $CLOSE command, even if a NoAutoEndCap (NA) option was specified on the original CAPTURE command line. Developers will find that the functionality expected when this bit is enabled does not work correctly when addressing devices greater than LPT3. This problem will be corrected in future releases of NPL.

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