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September 6, 1994 No. 78

Novell DOS 7 Support

Recently a number of distributors have inquired as to Niakwa's support and or testing of Novell DOS 7. Niakwa has received various reports from the field with regard to problems encountered with NPL and Novell DOS 7. Specifically we have identified two problems related to the installation of NPL. Both problems concern Novell's memory manager EMM386. To avoid the problems, you will need to deselect the EMM386 options MULTI and DPMI. To do this, change the device line in you CONFIG.SYS file to the following:


NOTE: At this time Niakwa does not anticipate further testing of Novell DOS 7 nor is it our intention to officially support it. Our decision on this is based upon Novell's recent decision to discontinue its funding of their DOS group.

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