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April 15, 1996 No. 82

Niakwa on the Internet

To better serve the needs of the NPL development community, Niakwa has added new resources by creating a presence on the Internet, establishing a World Wide Web (WWW) Site, Electronic Mail, and a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Site.

WWW Site -

Niakwa’s web site has been put on-line to provide product information and support to anyone with access to the World Wide Web. Any preferred Internet browser software can be used that supports HTML 2.0 or better. To access Niakwa’s home page, set your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to:

The Niakwa Support Department has created pages to link to important support information. Currently, recent Niakwa Technical Notes are on-line, as well as a list of current product revisions, and links to popular files and patches for downloading. A link can also bring you directly into the FTP site. Coming soon are: Frequently Asked Questions page, newsgroup-style discussion forum, and on-line documentation. The Technical Support home page can be reached by selecting the “Technical Support” link on the home page, or access directly using the URL:

As with most sites, Niakwa’s pages are a “work-in-progress”. We will continue to evaluate new features to add to our pages. As improvements are made to the page functionality, features may be developed with Netscape 2.0 (HTML 3.0) extensions. These requirements will be posted as the features come on-line. We welcome any suggestions for improvements or new ideas.

Electronic Mail

Niakwa’s own e-mail system is now connected to the Internet. Developers can send electronic mail directly to anyone at Niakwa, or to one of many mail aliases that have been configured. A summary of the Niakwa mail aliases are as follows: Request product information. Ask questions on future development or beta programs. Submit orders or questions to Niakwa sales staff. Submit technical support requests or questions.

For those still using our MHS link, it does remain active. To send mail using our MHS link (if you have MHS or a CompuServe account), use:

>MHS:SALES@NIAKWA (or substitute “SALES” with any of above aliases)

FTP Site -

An FTP Site has been created to provide access to updates, patches, and other files. Files are located in subdirectories based on platform type and revision. The goal is to provide the same resources as the Niakwa BBS without a long-distance phone call being required.

To access Niakwa’s FTP site, set your FTP client software to use the following:

Host Name:

User Name: anonymous

Password: (your email address)

Alternatively, some web browsers allow anonymous access to an FTP site directly. Set your browser’s URL to:

The FTP site will be updated monthly, or as new product patches are released. Future plans include an upload directory that allows developers to upload programs or files of their own.

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