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April 15, 1996 No. 84

Windows NT/NTFS Security Problem

In December 1995, Niakwa released NPL revision 4.20.07 for general distribution. Among the many improvements incorporated into this release was a new security system which enabled NPL to operate under Windows NT and Windows 95.

Recently, a problem has been discovered which affectively causes the loss of installed security and prompts users for the Goldkey. This problem only occurs on Windows NT systems when security has been installed on a NT File System (NTFS) partitioned drive. In this instance, changes to the NPL directory structure can invalidate the installed security.

This problem can be avoided by performing the following steps after initially installing the security and verifying that it is operating correctly. This procedure effectively changes access to the directory to “Read Only”, thus preventing any changes to the directory.

  1. Log in as Administrator.
  2. Start FILE MANAGER.
  3. From the menu bar across the top, select VIEW / BY FILE TYPES. Ensure the check box for SHOW HIDDEN / SYSTEM FILES is checked on.
  4. Locate the NIAKWA_RUNTIME directory. It should contain a directory called GKxxxxxx.COM. Highlight this directory.
  5. From the menu bar across the top of the window, select SECURITY / PERMISSIONS. Double click on the EVERYONE item in the displayed dialog. A SPECIAL DIRECTORY ACCESS dialog should appear. Change the selection so that in the OTHER group box, only the READ access is selected.
  6. Click OK buttons until you get back to FILE MANAGER. You may turn off the display of HIDDEN / SYSTEM files if you wish.

NOTE: If the security fingerprint has to be recalled in the future, the above procedure MUST be reversed, and the SECURITY / PERMISSIONS for EVERYONE set to FULL ACCESS.

The above procedure is intended as a short term work around to this problem. Niakwa is currently investigating a correction to this problem.

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