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April 15, 1996 No. 85

New Windows PassThrough Print Option

The forthcoming introduction of NPL Release 4.21 incorporates a new device clause option that enables NPL Developers to address print class devices through Windows Print Manager.

Previous releases of the NPL Windows RunTime (RTIWIN and RTPWIN) required applications using printer control codes to bypass Print Manager as a means of output since Print Manager would strip all control codes prior to passing them on to the Windows Universal printer driver. NPL Release 4.21 includes a new enhancement allowing developers to work around this previous problem.

A new device clause option "XPA=Y" has been introduced and allows for printer control codes to be passed directly to Print Manager without being stripped. The XPA=Y option is valid on all printers which support the Windows API PASSTHROUGH option. While Microsoft doesn’t require printer manufacturers to support PASSTHROUGH, Niakwa has found it to be available on the most common printers available.

The “XPA=Y” device clause is only valid on print class devices that utilize the windows specific nomenclature. For example:

$DEVICE(/215)=">(printer driver address) XPA=Y" :; Correct use

$DEVICE(/215)="LPT1 XPA=Y" :; Incorrect use

Refer to the NPL Release IV MS-DOS supplement (Windows Addenda) for a complete discussion on addressing MS-Windows printers. Release 4.21 of NPL is currently in beta test and is scheduled for an early June 96 release date.

NOTE:  Please also refer to Tech Note No. 92 for more information on Printer Configuration.

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