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NPL 6 for Windows is available. - 01/27/2009

The sixth revision of the Niakwa Runtime Environment has now taken shape in the new Revision 6.00 RunTime Package for Windows.  By popular request, it is diskette free!

The Gold Key Diskettes have been replaced with an encrypted license file that ties the runtime to the specific computer its installed on.  With this new security, the runtime is less prone to being accidentally disabled.  Being diskette free, there are no more concerns with storing or finding the Gold Key diskette or special ordering a machine with a floppy drive.

NPL 6 for Windows is fully compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 7 and Server 2008.  

Niakwa's Online Forum - 08/29/2007

In the interest of garnering better communication with our developers, customers, and end users, we have established this forum so that we can share our ideas, FAQ's, issues, and more.

We want NPL to keep growing and even more, to develop into the premier core language that we know it has the potential to be.

This forum is intended for the community of NPL developers and users to share ideas, to help each other, and maybe have some fun. Follow the link on the front page to the NPL Forum. Registration is free. Let us know what you think, and how we can continue to support and develop this environment, and thereby the NPL community.

Issues with Windows Vista - 08/29/2007

There are some issues with Vista that require changes to the NPL  runtime.

Fonts: Vista for some reason is identifying the NPL fonts as an East Asian font. This identification causes some characters to be handled incorrectly. The problem doesn't affect the letter or number
characters but it does affect the non-alpha/numeric characters like character boxes and progress bars.

RTIWIN.INI: Vista allows only administrators to add and change files in the Windows directory. This behavior causes a problem with the RTIWIN.INI file. The NPL runtime expects to find RTIWIN.INI in the
true Windows directory. If an administrator logs in and runs the runtime, there is no problem. The runtime will store Window size and placement in the RTIWIN.INI normally. However, if a regular user is logged in, a new RTIWIN.INI is created in the users "Windows" directory and changes to the RTIWIN.INI file are redirected to the users "Windows" directory. The runtime still reads information from the RTIWIN.INI file in the real Windows directory.

A possible work-around is to run RTIWIN32.EXE and RTPWIN32.EXE as administrator. In certain environments there may be security  policies in place that prohibit doing that.

#ID and $NETID: #ID and $NETID are not reported correctly under Vista. Without the proper information TERMINAL.TBL and NETID.TBL won't work. You would have to use the /t=x start up option to force
a terminal number or use the BASIC2C_ID environment variable to poke a value into #ID.

Novell: We have not tested Vista workstations with a NetWare server.
There appear to be issues with the Vista client that has just been released by Novell. That prevent NPL from functioning.

These are the issues we have uncovered that have to be addressed.

If you don't use character boxes, if you can live with the runtime not remembering the last window size and location, if you are willing to use the (/T=x) start up option to declare your terminal numbers or use the "BASIC2C_ID" environment variable to force unique #ID values on each workstation, you should be able to use the current runtime in a Vista environment.

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